Massage and Essential Oil Recommendations

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Essential Oils

The following essential oils are useful for pregnancy and labour

  • clary sage (but only once labour started or when overdue)
  • lavender (anytime, esp good for high BP, pain relief, speeds up delivery, refreshing, helps with exhaustion and helps with 3rd stage)
  • Rose (Soothing, triggers dopamine, womb tonic)
  • Chamomilla (Analgesic, dulls muscular and lower back pain)
  • and Marjoram (Speeds up labour)

but only if you actually like the smell.

In oil burner:

  • Add 10 drops of rose and lavender, keep topped up with water and oil

A lightbulb ring can also be used with the same oils

On a warm wet flannel placed on sacrum:

  • 4/5 drops neat calry sage, will encourage labour to progress

For lower back massage:

  • 25ml sweet almond oil with x2 drops Cham, x5 drops lavender, x3 drops clary sage


  • 25ml sweet almond oil with x8 drops lavender and x2 drops clary sage

NB if you don't have any sweet almond oil, you can use kitchen olive oil even sunflower oil if nothing else available

For cold compress:

  • Bowl iced water with crushed ice, add 1-3 drops lavender oil for cold compress water


Massage in an upwards motion from the sacrum. Start at the top of the sacrum, do a 'bull horn' shape upwards and outwards, then go 2cm lower, bull horn shape upwards and outwards, then 2cm lower etc, right to the base of the sacrum. Then do lower back, mid back, upper back, shoulders. Stop whenever you have a contraction. This massage will relieve congestion in the sacrum, allowing the baby to drop more freely.

Do not massage directly on the spine at any point.